Roof Replacement FAQs

What type of roofs does Red Stick Roofing replace?

We replace a variety of roofs:

  • Standard shingle of any weight or style
  • Genuine slate
  • Lamarite slate (slate “look alikes”)
  • Terra Cotta tiles

We also replace specialty roofs so call us and we can make a determination on how we can help you.

What is Red Stick’s process for fixing my roof?

  1. Tear off the existing layer of shingles or other style roof
  2. Remove and dispose of all debris
  3. Replace any rotted decking (this is an additional charge per square foot)
  4. Apply specified underlayment for type of roofing to be installed
  5. Apply ridge vents, plumbing vents, valley metal, and drip edge as necessary
  6. Apply new shingles of customer’s choice to the new roof

What is the difference between roof replacement and roof repair due to some form of disaster?

It is roof replacement when the roof needs to be replaced because of age or if a new style shingle is desired on your home. Roof replacement after a disaster is repairs due to a storm or another weather-related casualty claim against your insurance carrier.

Do I have to experience a disaster for you to fix my roof or can you replace it if it’s aged or worn out?

We will be happy to replace your roof for whatever reason or anytime you choose.