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Commercial Services

As the liaison of a multi-family housing unit or apartment building or business, it’s your responsibility to provide safe living spaces for your tenants. We will meet with your insurance claims adjuster and handle your claim from beginning to end. If you need commercial roofing services in Oscar, LA or areas North to Clinton, South to Baton Rouge, East to Hammond and West to Lafayette, LA., make a call to Red Stick Roofing, LLC. We will meet with property management companies or residential managers to make a plan for the roofing needs for each complex.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Do you need to replace your commercial roof? Here are a few signs it might be time:

        1. The shingles are curling and buckling

        2.  Shingles at your roof valleys are falling apart or missing

        3. There’s a spongy or trampoline-like bounce when you walk on the roof

        4. A casualty damage such as wind, hail or fire damage

Don’t ignore these signs of a failing roof. If you notice any of the above, call Red Stick Roofing in Oscar, LA or areas North to Clinton, South to Baton Rouge, East to Hammond and West to Lafayette, LA. We’ll install a long-lasting roof on your building.

Call us right away at (225)610-5575. We’ll make sure your new roofing is installed properly.

The Best Baton Rouge Roofing Contractors Provides Commercial Roofing Top-Down Protection

Red Stick Roofing of Louisiana has prompt and professional commercial roofing contractors who prioritize superior craftsmanship. The Baton Rouge roofing contractors are exceptionally competent and trained, possessing a deep understanding of various roofing materials, installation techniques, and the industry’s best practices. Our roofs are built to last because we only use the highest quality materials and provide exceptional care at every step of the process. 

Ensuring excellent construction is crucial for commercial roofs to be resilient to environmental factors, structurally sound, and capable of providing a lifetime of safety for the building and its occupants. Customers gain faith in getting the most out of our roofing projects by engaging with our prompt and professional commercial roofing contractors. Our Baton Rouge roofing contractors ensure that commercial roofs are installed, repaired, or maintained to the highest standards by bringing efficiency, expertise, and reliability. Our dedication to being prompt, and professional, while providing quality workmanship ultimately leads to the satisfaction and success of our commercial roofing projects.

Our commercial roofing Louisiana contractors take responsibility to ensure that their work complies with all relevant precautions and development regulations. We guarantee the safety and security of the building’s occupants, as our professionals working on it possess a thorough understanding of the local regulations and guidelines in our field. Call us now so we can get started.

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The Ultimate Commercial Roofing Baton Rouge Services

Secure and reliable roofing systems are necessary for commercial buildings to safeguard their valuable assets and ensure the safety of occupants. This is where our best commercial roofing Baton Rouge services come in handy.  Our services provide all-encompassing solutions to commercial property owners’ varied requirements, ensuring excellent workmanship and quality outcomes. 

We exhibit the necessary knowledge and expertise for handling industrial roof replacement with precision and efficiency. We comprehend that industrial roofs frequently necessitate specific requirements because of their size, intricacy, and the type of businesses they cater to.

While replacing the roof, we prioritize quality craftsmanship by using  materials specifically designed for industrial roofing applications.  We ensure that we follow  the best industry’s practices and safety standards to provide exceptional outcomes while causing minimal interruptions to your everyday operations.

We have extensive experience in industrial roof replacement, which has taught us the significance of efficient project management and clear communication. We will collaborate  closely with you to evaluate your requirements, furnish comprehensive cost projections, and devise a customized strategy that aligns with your financial and scheduling constraints. Our top priority is to provide outstanding client support, utilize premium materials, and guarantee your contentment. Get in touch with us today for any roofing needs you may have.

Ridge Vents

We provide a range of commercial roofing Baton Rouge replacement services that include the installation of necessary features to ensure your roof performs well and lasts for many years to come. Proper ventilation requires ridge vents to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup. Our skilled technicians will install ridge vents expertly to ensure a healthy and balanced airflow in your industrial facility.

Plumbing Vent

Industrial roofing also includes significant plumbing vents. These vents enable the secure discharge of sewer gasses and aid in preserving the soundness of the entire plumbing system. We install plumbing vents to ensure that everything functions properly and meets plumbing codes and regulations.

Valley metals

Valley metals play an essential role in replacing industrial roofs as they effectively guide water away from susceptible areas, preventing any leaks or possible harm. Our team of skilled professionals installs valley metal to ensure efficient water drainage and protect against water infiltration.

Drip edges

Drip edges are crucial elements that redirect water away from the roof edges, preventing water damage and increasing the roof’s lifespan. Our team installs premium drip edges that are both durable and reliable. This will protect your industrial building from any water-related issues and improve the overall performance of your new roof.

Industrial Services

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner. Don’t let roofing issues add to your responsibilities. At the first sign of roofing trouble, contact Red Stick Roofing, LLC.

We specialize in industrial roof replacements in the Oscar & Baton Rouge, LA areas, including the petroleum corridor on the Mississippi river and Saint James, Saint John, Ascension Parish and East Baton Rouge Parishes. We can tear off your old industrial roofing and replace it with the correct material and system that meet your specifications. Talk to us about your budget and style preferences, and we’ll help you select the industrial roofing that’s best for your application. Call us right away for a free roof replacement estimate.

Expect a Trouble-Free Roof Replacement

We have extensive roof replacement experience. We’ll replace your industrial roofing and install other necessary features, including:

  • Ridge vents

  • Plumbing vents

  • Valley metal

  • Drip edges

We can replace all types of roofs in and around Oscar and Baton Rouge, LA. Call us now at (225)610-5575 to protect your Baton Rouge warehouse with a sturdy roof.