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Commercial Services

As the liaison of a multi-family housing unit or apartment building or business, it’s your responsibility to provide safe living spaces for your tenants. We will meet with your insurance claims adjuster and handle your claim from beginning to end. If you need commercial roofing services in Oscar, LA or areas North to Clinton, South to Baton Rouge, East to Hammond and West to Lafayette, LA., make a call to Red Stick Roofing, LLC. We will meet with property management companies or residential managers to make a plan for the roofing needs for each complex.

We replace roofs at commercial properties. Our roofing pros will remove your old roof and install a new roof with the type you want. We’ll make sure you end up with a sturdy, dependable roof. We can also install ridge vents, plumbing vents and drip edges.

Contact us now to schedule the commercial roofing service you need.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Do you need to replace your commercial roof? Here are a few signs it might be time:

  1. The shingles are curling and buckling

  2. Shingles at your roof valleys are falling apart or missing

  3. There’s a spongy or trampoline-like bounce when you walk on the roof

  4. A casualty damage such as wind, hail or fire damage

Don’t ignore these signs of a failing roof. If you notice any of the above, call Red Stick Roofing in Oscar, LA or areas North to Clinton, South to Baton Rouge, East to Hammond and West to Lafayette, LA.. We’ll install a long-lasting roof on your building.

Call us right away at (225)610-5575. We’ll make sure your new roofing is installed properly.

Industrial Services

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner. Don’t let roofing issues add to your responsibilities. At the first sign of roofing trouble, contact Red Stick Roofing, LLC.

We specialize in industrial roof replacements in the Oscar & Baton Rouge, LA areas, including the petroleum corridor on the Mississippi river and Saint James, Saint John, Ascension Parish and East Baton Rouge Parishes. We can tear off your old industrial roofing and replace it with the correct material and system that meet your specifications. Talk to us about your budget and style preferences, and we’ll help you select the industrial roofing that’s best for your application. Call us right away for a free roof replacement estimate.

Expect a Trouble-Free Roof Replacement

We have extensive roof replacement experience. We’ll replace your industrial roofing and install other necessary features, including:

  • Ridge vents

  • Plumbing vents

  • Valley metal

  • Drip edges

We can replace all types of roofs in and around Oscar and Baton Rouge, LA. Call us now at (225)610-5575 to protect your Baton Rouge warehouse with a sturdy roof.