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Our Metal Roofing Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas: Services Made to Last

Are you tired of your leaky old roof? The professionals at Red Stick Roofing, LLC can help. We offer metal roofing services in the Oscar & Baton Rouge, LA areas.

We’ll inspect your roof and suggest options for replacing your roof. We can also place a new metal roof over your existing shingle roof to update it. Contact us right away to discuss your metal roofing design.

We understand the difficulty that roofing issues may cause you. That is why we are devoted to delivering reliable solutions that will end your metal roofing Baton Rouge difficulties. We assure you that your journey with us is free of roofing difficulties and full of the comfort of the heart because of our knowledge, devotion to quality, and excellent service. Let us stay connected and keep your roof at its best. Reach out to us now so we can get started on your roof! 

Why Install a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are a smart choice for your property because:

  • They’ll last as long as your structure.

  • They’re resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot.

  • They’re impervious to rain and snow.

  • They’re resistant to hail


Red Stick Roofing of Louisiana’s metal roofing service provides many  advantages. It is  undoubtedly more durable than traditional single roofs. Our metal roofs have a longer duration of use, whereas shingle roofs typically require replacement in approximately half that time. Our metal panels can be recycled when they need to be replaced, resulting in less material being sent to landfills.


Red Stick Roofing of Louisiana’s metal roofing Baton Rouge service offers customization options  of colors and materials. These options may vary from simple and affordable to sleek and modern.  The commercial sector has increasingly adopted metal roofing due to its environmental benefits. Additionally, newer decorative styles are now available to choose from.

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commercial roofing baton rouge

Embrace A Worry-Free Roof With Metal Roofing Lafayette La

Finding a reliable and flexible company that services both commercial and residential needs matters greatly when it involves roofing solutions. In that case, having a roofing partner who can efficiently and expertly handle all of your roofing-related concerns with exceptional performance is crucial. Our all-around metal roofing Lafayette LA company and Baton Rouge services offer comprehensive services for both commercial and residential projects, which we do all year round.

Red Stick Roofing of Louisiana can handle any building, whether a retail space, office building, or industrial facility. Our solutions are designed to offer toughness, reliability, and maximum efficiency. We will collaborate with you about your preferences and provide a solution that meets your needs. Our range of residential roofing materials includes shingles, metal roofing, and tile, providing options that cater to your preferences and financial plan.

Our roofing company is known for its unwavering pursuit of high standards and client fulfillment. We acknowledge that your property holds great value as a financial asset, and we handle it with utmost care and importance. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our work. We aim to offer you a roof that not only adds to the attractiveness and worth of your property but also ensures sturdy safeguard and  tranquility.

Our metal roofing Louisiana company places great importance on maintaining clear communication and transparency throughout the entire process. Our approach involves keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the project so that you have a clear understanding of the project scope, timeline, and the allocated funds. We are always here to assist you with any queries or worries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from beginning to end.

We can handle both commercial and residential projects and provide the necessary expertise, versatility, and dedication to fulfill the varied roofing requirements of any property owner. You can rely on Red Stick Roofing of Louisiana to meet all of your roofing needs. Our expertise can be relied upon to deliver outstanding results that protect your investment and exceed your expectations, whether you own a commercial building or a residential property.

Never let your roofing problems disrupt your life any longer. Start parting ways with those issues and welcome reliable solutions with Red Stick of Louisiana’s metal roofing Lafayette LA . Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the peace that comes with a well-maintained and problem-free roof. Trust us to handle your roofing needs with professionalism, expertise, and care.