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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Replacement

What type of roofs does Red Stick Roofing replace?
We replace a variety of roofs:

Standard shingle of any weight or style
Lamarite slate (slate “look alikes”)
Genuine slate
Terra Cotta tiles

We also replace specialty roofs so call us and we can make a determination on how we can help you.

What is Red Stick’s process for fixing my roof?
1. Tear off the existing layer of shingles or other style roof

2. Remove and dispose of all debris

3. Replace any rotted decking (this is an additional charge per square foot)

4. Apply specified underlayment for type of roofing to be installed

5. Apply ridge vents, plumbing vents, valley metal, and drip edge as necessary

6. Apply new shingles of customer’s choice to the new roof

What is the difference between roof replacement and roof repair due to some form of disaster?
It is roof replacement when the roof needs to be replaced because of age or if a new style shingle is desired on your home.

Roof replacement after a disaster is repaired due to a storm or another weather-related casualty claim against your insurance carrier.

Do I have to experience a disaster for you to fix my roof or can you replace it if it’s aged or worn out?
We will be happy to replace your roof for whatever reason or anytime you choose.

Metal Building

What is the procedure to convert a residential shingle roof to a metal roof?
1. Remove trim and ridge vents

2. Install a “hat” section directly through the tertiary roof panels and secondary perlins

3. Install new roof panels over the existing roof panels

4. Install trim

The manufacturer guarantees the system against leaks and the installer backs it up for a period of three years. The wind lift will meet code and original building specifications. A retrofit job can be completed at the rate of approximately 1,500 square feet per day.

To what type of building can the retrofit procedure be applied?
The best candidate is a standard metal building with primary steel, which consists of heavy gauge column beams and steel beam rafters. The secondary steel consists of 14-gauge wall girts and roof perlins with standard “C” girts on the eaves. The tertiary steel consists of 26-gauge wall panels and standard “R” panels” for roof sheets. In the process, “existing K-13″ insulation in the building does not have to be removed. In addition, the underside of some roofs is a 2″ “VRP” insulation installed at the time of fabrication of the building. This also does not have to be removed or changed for a retrofit project; however, insulation may be added between the existing roof panels and the new roof to increase energy efficiency.
How does a retrofit reduce costs?
1. It requires no demolition of interior “K-13” and “VRP” insulation and roof panels

2. There is no additional interior work

3. It eliminates the removal of the mastic on thousands of screws

4. There is no risk of widespread corrosion and having to replace the roof, or at least a portion of the roof

How can I tell if I should consider a retrofit?
If your steel building roof has been repaired over the years – maybe even several times – it is a great candidate for a retrofit project. Here are some examples of prior work:

A layer of mastic
A layer of fiberglass mesh
A third layer of mastic
A final coat of the sprayed finish coat aluminum mastic

Disaster Guidelines Restoration

What kind of restoration does Red Stick Roofing, L.L.C perform?
Red Stick Restoration is a full-service restoration company. We handle all manner of vandalism, storm, fire, flood, and other disaster related damages for commercial or residential customers. We have a highly trained group of specialists that can repair anything from complete structural repairs to clothes & contents cleaning.
Who decides what needs to be repaired?
Ultimately, you make the final decision as to the scope of work to be done. The insurance adjuster decides the items and service for which the insurance company will pay. Red Stick Roofing, as your representative, works with you and the claims representative to determine what repairs are necessary in order to give you a quality restoration.
What is this going to cost me?

Generally, there are only three things for which you, the homeowner, are responsible.

1. Deductible -The deductible for any insurance loss is the first portion that the insured must pay the contractor for any repairs completed. The dollar amount is spelled out in your insurance policy contract. We take all major credit cards for the deductible.

2. Depreciation -This only comes into play if you do not have replacement cost insurance. Questions on depreciation need to be addressed to your insurance carrier.

3. Additional Items -You must pay for any additional work, improvements, or updates that are not part of the actual insurance claim. Some policies provide the insurance company with the ability to pay actual cash value with the replacement cost paid only after repairs are complete.

What do I do if I have a question or complaint?

We understand that while repairs are under way you will have many questions. Should a question or problem arise, we would ask that you contact our office first. Someone there will get you in touch with the project coordinator or estimator best qualified to answer your questions. Red Stick Roofing owner, Greg English, can also answer your questions.

He can be reached anytime at (225) 610-5575

Can you remove the smoke odors after a fire?
Yes! Red Stick Roofing specializes in removing smoke odors and gives a full NO SMOKE ODOR GUARANTEE. These are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your estimator or project coordinator.
Is Red Stick Roofing a partner or do they work for the insurance company?
Red Stick Roofing is an independent restoration contractor. While you may have gotten our name from your insurance company or they contacted us directly, Red Stick Roofing works for you, the insured. We work together with you and your insurance company to restore your property to the condition it was before the loss.
Are you going to replace all my damaged property/items with new ones?
This question should be addressed to the claims representative from your insurance carrier. Our job as a restoration contractor is to attempt to save items that we believe are salvageable. We may give our recommendation to the insurance company, but it is their responsibility to determine what is replaced. Remember, salvaging and restoring keep claims costs down for everyone. Your claims representative has the answer to these types of questions. In many cases, Red Stick Roofing has negotiated a better scope of work than your insurance carriers initial settlement offer and we will always get what you deserve before starting repairs.
How long will this take?
This question should be addressed to your project manager. Each situation is different. Our goal is to provide you with quality workmanship and service, and to complete these repairs as efficiently as possible with as little disruption to your life during the process.
Does Red Stick Roofing offer a warranty on work performed?
Yes, we are proud to guarantee the services performed to your property for one year from the date of completion. If, during this time, you experience any problems relating to the repairs made by us, please contact us at (225) 610-5575 to ensure that the situation is corrected.